The Cosmic Dance featuring True Archdale

Join us this Thursday, October 6th, 6-9PM, for our last Whitefish Gallery Nights of the season!!  Fine art featuring True Archdale, live music with Emily Clark & Daniel Minton and light refreshments!  

True Archdale is a contemporary multimedia artist who lives in Whitefish, Montana.  Born and raised in Wolf Point, Montana and a member of the Assiniboine tribe, her expressive work pays homage to her Native roots.  Her distinctive personal style uses improvised lines and colors that reference both abstract art and design elements of her traditional culture.  True’s words, “This work comes together freely without preconception and I invite you to explore with me on this visual journey.”

Her musical and academic talents landed her a college scholarship to the University of Northern Colorado where she earned a degree in both music and art.  After graduating, True lived in Los Angeles for many years, freely collaborating with visual artists, performance artists and musicians. Her passion to experiment and explore musically aligns and co-exists with her approach to visual art.

True’s appreciation and knowledge of the wilderness has equipped her to offer retreats and back-country guiding services. “It is through my immersion in nature that I draw my greatest inspiration and strength,” she says.  True is also a master fitness trainer and private chef with more than 30 years of professional experience.  Go to for more information and find her on FB & Instagram.    

Emily Clark’s music is blues driven, soul inspired, and powerful. Born and raised in Seattle Emily’s heart always called her to the mountains of Montana. Emily Clark has been a fixture on the northwest music scene for over a decade. She grew up with the musical influences of Susan Tedeschi, the Allman Brothers and Stevie Ray Vaughn. Emily honed her chops with Montana bands Cannonball and 20 Grand, and expanded her abilities while living in Denver, CO sharing the stage with Sam Bush, Cyril Neville, Jeff Austin, Billy Strings, Ike Stubblefield, Bernie Worrell, Robert Randolph, and countless others. She has also performed with members of The Infamous Stringdusters, The Motet and Fruition, and has been a producer for several music festivals and initiatives. With a heart full of grit and honesty and a voice brimming with vibrato, Emily is on the cusp of releasing her first album Threadbare due summer of 2022, featuring Emily’s original songs alongside collaborations with Jack Pelletier, Michelle Sarah, Tanya Shylock and Andy Hall. Stacked with soulful grooves and fat horn lines Threadbare is an ode to love, loss and truth, and serves as a testament to everything Emily embodies in her identity as a musician, singer, and songwriter.  Go to for more information and find her on FB & Instagram.  Emily will be joined by local musician/guitarist, Daniel Minton, whose been actively involved in a variety of bands in the Flathead Valley!!  

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Red Lands featuring Andrea Morgan

Please join us for WF Gallery Nights, Thursday, September 1st, 6-9PM. Introducing Ovando, MT artist, Andrea Morgan. Fine art, light refreshments & live music with Taven Edland. For more information call 406-863-2787 or go to

“I like to make things. I am a mixed media artist living in Western Montana. My nearest neighbor lives about a mile away. Grizzly bears sometimes walk through my front yard. My work is bold and colorful, sometimes whimsical. I’m sparked by my big, wild surroundings in the quiet middle of nowhere.

In my current series, Red Lands, I’m exploring the depth of the lands we stand on. The layers are deep and complex: Beginning with geology, glaciation, the ebb and flow of flora and fauna. Recognizing the indigenous communities of the past, present and future on the lands we call home. Respecting the wild animals that share the land with us. And the color RED.”

-Andrea Morgan

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Dog Days of Summer….Featuring Tarek Penser, Tessa Heck, Grace Isabell, Eileen Valazza & Gina Garlie

Join us Thursday, August 4th, 6-9PM for our next Whitefish Gallery Nights evening featuring some new art by new local artists (to the shop!).  Linocut prints by Tarek Penser, gauche works by Tessa Heck, plein air oils by Grace Isabell, abstract acrylics by Eileen Valazza & oils/acrylic by Gina Garlie.  We are in the midst of the dog days of summer…..heat & fire, watermelon & wildflowers, dogs & sunbathing!  Fine art, light refreshments & live music with Taven Edland!  For more information, call 406-863-2787!  Can’t wait to see you!!   

Tarek Penser—-“I’m Tarek, an artist and printmaker based in Whitefish, Montana. I first moved here from Sweden to work as a guide in Glacier National Park. A lot of my time is spent moving through the beautiful outdoors of Northwest Montana. My pieces are detailed depictions from my adventures which help me slow down and focus on the nuances, not just walk past them. I am a self taught linocut artist and am continuously experimenting with the opportunities and boundaries of the medium through changes of technique, ink and paper. All of my prints are hand carved, hand printed and in some cases hand painted in small batches which makes each and every one unique.”

Tessa Heck—-Tessa received her MFA in Visual Studies from PNCA in Portland, OR. and holds a BFA in Painting from Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, WA. She has show regionally at Museum of Contemporary Craft, Hap Gallery, Worksound International, Stumptown Art Studio, CEI Works, Disjecta, Wildfang, and Kalico Art Center among others. Her most recent project is co-founding the Arts & Culture Council of Kalispell, in her hometown.

Grace Isabell—-“My paintings are mythologies about the landscape. Each piece is a study of the stories and places that have shaped our sense of Americana. They are salt of the earth accounts of what happened in forgotten corners of the wilderness. My process mirrors the dichotomies I experience in nature: aggression with restraint, ruggedness with specificity.  I build up surfaces slowly over time, rapidly cover them over, and dig back in to the earthen materials. Through this I mimic and impose both seasonal changes and the weathering process unto each piece.”

Eileen Corrigan Valazza—-Eileen grew up in the suburbs of Washington, DC, and attended the College of William and Mary in Virginia, where she received a BA in Studio Art and Government in 1996. She participated in group shows in Washington, DC and Virginia in the early 2000s. Eileen spent many years living in Seattle, and currently lives in Whitefish, Montana with her husband and two young children.  “I began making art again in 2019 after a 15 year hiatus. My paintings are inspired by the natural world, filtered through the lens of my emotional experience of motherhood and world events. The results show  joy and beauty, coupled with a sense of something reckless and unsustainable. I paint intuitively using acrylics, oil, wax, and ink.”

Gina Garlie-“I am a contemporary artist incorporating impressionist styles, whimsy, and spiritual wanderings. I live in NW Montana and often paint on site or begin with a drawing or photograph to finish back in my home studio using oil, acrylic, or mixed media. My paintings reflect my deep care and connection to the earth, as well as, inspire the viewer to pause and look deeply, feel the textures, and remember our connections to all things. Whether you are walking along a path, sitting deep in a forest, gazing over a meadow towards a mountain range far beyond, or stumbling upon an orchid hidden in the
undergrowth; you are invited to awaken your sense of wonder.”

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Treasures with Linda Hendrickson

HIghline in Beargrass

Join us Thursday, July 7th, 6-9PM for fine art, music & refreshments at our next Whitefish Gallery Nights event. We are featuring one of our favorite artists, Linda Hendrickson. She brings us colorful mixed media works that express an abundance of joy and an appreciation for the flora & fauna that occupies Montana.  

“Bright colors, hikes in the mountains, and painting the world around me bring great joy. A brief glimpse of a wild animal is enough to pique my curiosity and start “painting juices” flowing. Capturing flowers, topsy turvy landscapes, and pets with personalities are also satisfying subjects.  Recently I have been trying to capture the beauty before me in a more realistic way, still expressing my unique voice and vision. The park was so busy the last couple of summers that I spent more time along the fringes sitting by a stream or series of rapids honing my skills. Mixed media is a challenging way to push pieces to my unique voice, like increasing the difficulty of a puzzle. I find ways to integrate my sketchbook drawings, hand-painted tissue, and more. When a viewer says, “That painting makes me Happy!” I consider my mission complete!”     -Linda Hendrickson

Live music with Sarah Johnson.  Sarah is an Americana singer-songwriter, as well as an artist, with music on all streaming platforms.  She will be sharing both of her talents with us!   Listen here
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Please join us tonight for Whitefish Gallery Nights!! July 1st, Thursday, 6-9PM. We will be featuring collage work by Stephanie Pointer & new mixed media work by Heidi Marie Faessal. It’s a hot one out there….we will have live music … Continue reading

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Please join us this Thursday, October 3rd, 6-9PM for our final Whitefish Gallery Nights of the 2019 season!! Lavonne Burgard Imagines features a variety of colorful & serene acrylic paintings by Kalispell artist, Lavonne Burgard. Fine art, refreshments & live music with Atomic Frequencies. For more information, call 406-863-ARTS or log onto

Lavonne Burgard retired from 31 years of teaching art. She graduated from Drake University with a double major in fine arts and arts education. Lavonne’s career spanned Iowa, Arizona, South Dakota, Australia, and School District 5 of Kalispell, Montana. Currently she paints in her studio using acrylics on large canvasses.

“Although I have left my career of teaching art behind, I have gained a new perspective that I hope is reflected in my work. Retirement has opened my eyes to the expansiveness of life, and the limitless possibilities it holds. No longer bogged down by the details associated with my former responsibilities, my outlook is larger. My sense of freedom is expanded. A bright future is here for the taking. It is my aim to capture that attitude with my use of bold color. Printmaking was an emphasis of my studies at my alma mater, Drake University. Lately, I have focused on developing entire paintings with a brayer. (A brayer is a hand roller used in printmaking techniques to spread ink in the process of offsetting an image from a plate to paper.) My goal is to give the viewer a feeling of fresh air. It is my hope that the color layering of the brayer works reflect the enthusiasm I have for making art.” -Lavonne Burgard

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Nature’s Paintbrush featuring Linda Hendrickson

Join us on Thursday, September 5th, 6-9PM for Nature’s Paintbrush featuring Linda Hendrickson. Wildflowers & wildlife in mixed media…..Glacier Park is the inspiration. Fine art, refreshments & live music with Lee Zimmerman. For more information call 406-863-ARTS or log onto

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Sensing the Wild with Heidi Marie Faessel

Please join us this Thursday, 6-9PM, for our Whitefish Gallery Nights exhibit, Sensing the Wild, with local abstract artist, Heidi Marie Faessel. Enjoy fine art, refreshments & live music with Tim Matdies & Kenny Saederdahl. For more information call 406-863-ARTS or log onto

“My work is born from a deep reverence of Nature. I paint organic abstractions as a way of paying homage to the mystery, magic, and intelligence of our natural world.

As in Nature, I create work that reflects organized randomness. By synthesizing organic shapes, energetic brushwork, expressive line, and movement, I hope to engage the viewer with a sense of energy.

My process is intuitive. It unites experimentation, imperfection, and happy accidents with deliberate and considered editing.

Through the art that I make, I hope to lift people up. I would like my work to provide a moment of inspiration and an opportunity to reflect on the critical roll nature plays in our individual lives, as well as our relationship to it as a species.

Despite technological advancements, it is nature that provides the resources for us to keep on living upon this earth. Whether we recognize it or not, we are directly connected to this powerful intelligence.

I hope to offer a moment of opportunity to consider the mysterious orchestration of this planet and our relationship with it.” -Heidi Marie Faessel

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Happy Birthday to Peter-Group Exhibit of Past & Current Artists!!

A sneak peak of his gift in progress……PS-don’t tell him!! Artist-Courtney Blazon

Join us tomorrow, Thursday, July 11th, 6-9PM for a celebration of Peter Edland’s (the walking man) birthday!! We will be exhibiting a group show of past & current artists, there will be a live music jam with friends & family (bring an instrument if you’d like!) and a collaborative painting project on the north side of the shop!! Snacks & refreshments & general merriment! For more information call 406-863-2787 or log onto We hope to see you there!! Cheers!!

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