100 Ways to Paint a Bear 2.0


Join us for an exhibition continuation of Kelly West’s bear extravaganza!!  This will be our final Gallery Nights event of the 2016 season!!  Thursday, October 6th, 6-9PM!  New works will be added & Kelly will be performing live with her improv ensemble, DogHouse!  Also, another opportunity for you to add your creative energy to a community painting led by Kelly!!  For more information call 406-863-2787 or log onto http://www.whitefishgallerynights.org!  Cheers!!


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100 Ways to Paint a Bear at The Walking Man Frame Shop & Gallery


Join us Thursday, September 1st, 6-9PM for our featured exhibit of new Kelly West originals.  Bears & other colorful animal impressions (but mostly bears!) will grace our walls for the next Whitefish Gallery Nights & the month of September & beyond!  Live music provided by Old Sap, as well as live-streaming with Whitefish Community Radio.  Also, join Kelly in a collaborative painting on site!!  For more information call 406-863-ARTS or log onto http://www.whitefishgallerynights.org!

Kelly West was born in Foley, Alabama in February of 1985. Growing up, Kelly loved to make art. Never too interested in what had been done before, she loved the process and action of art making and the feeling of not knowing what was going to happen next. Kelly learned to love portrait making watching her father draw impressionist portraits in contour. She saw portraits as a fun and a natural way to capture family members on paper. Kelly moved to Montana ten years ago to snowboard with her best friend and to live in the mountains. She has worked in her art daily here in Whitefish at her Studio home and last year concentrated on oil as her happy medium, with her first show at The Walking Man Frame Shop and Gallery in 2015. In this style, Kwest hints on movement represented by cubist shapes and how they are developed on the canvas. Colorful impressions determine proportions of the subject throughout the making, giving it a layered and textured look. With animals for inspiration, Kelly looks to show life in the color, vibrancy and spirit of the animal. In the future Kelly expects to keep her work experimental and hopes to continue growing in her art. When Kwest is not painting she is drumming for DogHouse, an improv ensemble that performs at The Red Room monthly.

“Watching the painting come together, problem solving, fixing mistakes, openness, awareness, what the practice teaches you, these things are why I show up daily!” -KWest
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Animal Spirit at The Walking Man Frame Shop & Gallery

horse mask

Please join us for our next Whitefish Gallery Nights exhibit featuring Animal Spirit….a clay sculptural celebration of our furry neighbors all around us.  Artists featured are Betsey Hurd, Trudi Skari, Heidi Brown Haugen, Susan Mattson, Christine McKay & Tom Semple.  Fine art, refreshments & live music by Second Wind (Barbara Calm & Jason Foy).  For more information call 406-863-2787 or log onto http://www.whitefishgallerynights.org!  Cheers!!


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Summer Visions at The Walking Man Frame Shop & Gallery


Join us this Thursday evening, July 7th, for Whitefish Gallery Nights.  We will be featuring new works by several artists.  Andrea Brew, Judy Cockrell, Jeff Troupe, Fred Warf, Peter Moore, Ginger Mesko, Kris Kramer & Mason Brubaker.  Live music by Cotton & John Kelly.  For more information go to call 406-863-ARTS or go to http://www.whitefishgallerynights.org.


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Inexact Utilization: Component Portraiture with Holden Roberts


Self-Portrait/Holden Roberts

Join us Thursday, June 2nd, 6-9PM for our next Whitefish Gallery Nights event!  Local Whitefish High School graduate & current Montana State University student, Holden Roberts, will be sharing a variety of his mixed media/reclaimed material artworks.  Live music provided by Rmi Strauser & friends, Blue Avenue.  For more information call 406-863-ARTS or log onto http://www.whitefishgallerynights.org!  Cheers!


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Spring Whimsy… introducing new sculptor, Mark Matthews


Please join us Thursday, May 5th, 6-9PM for our first 2016 Gallery Nights event.  We will be introducing a new sculptor, Mark Matthews, from Arlee.  Come enjoy the whimsical, spiritual & eclectic visions of his indoor & outdoor sculptures.

“Sometimes we fail. Sometimes we think we fail. Sometimes we give ourselves a second chance.  Throughout the 1980s, I attempted to cultivate a distinct style in my art—specifically, one that would sell. Although at first interesting and inspiring, my work gradually grew stagnant. Already frustrated with the marketing side of art by the end of the decade, my lack of vision made it easy for me to set my tools aside.  Two decades later I started sculpting again. Today I am not interested in developing a signature style.  Tomorrow, when I pick out new pieces of wood to sculpt or construct, I will try to look at them through fresh eyes. Or, I will imagine a new way to express motion and emotion through them.  Nowadays, if I feel I might be developing a ‘style’ then I know it is time to move in a new direction.  Observe, analyze and experiment without fear, for, the negativity of not creating is the only true failure.”  Mark Matthews

Mark Matthews lives a humble existence in the foothills of Arlee where he writes books, teaches children American folk dancing through Humanities Montana, and tends to his sculpture garden.


We will also be featuring some new work by Kelly West, Justin Anthony & Kevin Ruble.  Fine art, light refreshments & quite possibly some live music!!  For more information call 406-863-2787 or go to http://www.whitefishgallerynights.org!

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Kelly West at The Walking Man Frame Shop & Gallery

Kelly West will be sharing several new paintings with us on Thursday, February 4th, 6-8PM.  Join us for birthday cake (it’s her birthday!) and beverages as we celebrate the existence of this creative force within the community of Whitefish!!  Please call 406-863-ARTS for more information & find us on Facebook.  Looking forward to enjoying a little pre-carnival weekend art fun!  Cheers!



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Mary Conway – Art of Re-Cycle: Tracking Time

P1130527 P1130927

Please join us for our final Whitefish Gallery Nights exhibit of the season!!  Mary Conway will be presenting Art of Re-Cycle: Tracking Time, featuring an array of conceptual pieces exploring our relationship to time, utilizing a wide variety of found & recycled items.  Live music with Lee Zimmerman & refreshments served.

Mary Conway has forged her current fine art career from decades of working in the professional art world by selling, promoting, educating and making art.

With a long and flourishing career of over twenty years as a Corporate Art Consultant in Denver, Mary used her skills as a facilitator to bridge the gap between the art world and the business community.  She has helped artists launch and establish their careers through her representation and consultation.

Mary’s degree in art history from the University of Colorado and her work at the Denver Art Museum in adult education bring a depth to her understanding of how fundamental art is for the development and enrichment of the human experience.  She continues to facilitate art education programs with workshops both in Arizona and Montana.

Today, Mary continues to be a consultant for Seattle based Illuminata Art Glass Design, as well as a set designer for the Whitefish Theater Company in Whitefish, Montana.

“How do we track TIME? By millennia or minutes, by eras or hours? Do we use the linear approach of northern Europe and North America that is based on productivity or the the cyclical systems of Asia and Native Cultures that believes that life will circle around again. TIME unfolds at different tempos.  However, no matter what method is used, man has always depended on the sun we revolve around, the twelve cycles of the moon and the stars.  I have chosen to represent these concepts by using objects found at garage sales, thrift shops, by the roadside or just about anywhere . Re-cycling them honors their past and presents a contemporary reflection on the external and internal journey we all travel through our TIME on earth.”                      Mary Conway

P1140029 P1140045

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Darrell Gray – Meditations in Metal at The Walking Man Frame Shop & Gallery

INNER COMPASS_300ppi_sRGB_4902_Darrell Gray

We are featuring the wonderful mixed media metal sculpture of Bigfork artist, Darrell Gray.  Join us for Meditations in Metal on Thursday, September 3rd, 6-9PM as part of Whitefish Gallery Nights.  Indoor & outdoor sculpture utilizing a variety of metals including copper, brass & steel.  Live music performed by Kyle Dean & refreshments served.  For more information, call 406-863-ARTS or log onto http://www.whitefishgallerynights.org.

GULO GULO_left front full_10in x 6.7in_300ppi_sRGB_Darrell Gray_0058

DIMENSIONAL SHIFT_butterfly view_300ppi sRGB_Darrell Gray_5331

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Mark Baumbach – Strata featured at The Walking Man Frame Shop & Gallery

Reign in desert We will be featuring local, Whitefish artist, Mark Baumbach on Thursday, August 6th, 6-9PM for our next Whitefish Gallery Nights event.  Please join us and enjoy Mark’s layered, emotive abstracts in his latest exhibit, Strata.  Fine art, live music by Chris Kammerer, AKA Old Sap and refreshments served.  For more information, please call 406-863-ARTS or log onto http://www.whitefishgallerynights.orgApex

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