Treasures with Linda Hendrickson

HIghline in Beargrass

Join us Thursday, July 7th, 6-9PM for fine art, music & refreshments at our next Whitefish Gallery Nights event. We are featuring one of our favorite artists, Linda Hendrickson. She brings us colorful mixed media works that express an abundance of joy and an appreciation for the flora & fauna that occupies Montana.  

“Bright colors, hikes in the mountains, and painting the world around me bring great joy. A brief glimpse of a wild animal is enough to pique my curiosity and start “painting juices” flowing. Capturing flowers, topsy turvy landscapes, and pets with personalities are also satisfying subjects.  Recently I have been trying to capture the beauty before me in a more realistic way, still expressing my unique voice and vision. The park was so busy the last couple of summers that I spent more time along the fringes sitting by a stream or series of rapids honing my skills. Mixed media is a challenging way to push pieces to my unique voice, like increasing the difficulty of a puzzle. I find ways to integrate my sketchbook drawings, hand-painted tissue, and more. When a viewer says, “That painting makes me Happy!” I consider my mission complete!”     -Linda Hendrickson

Live music with Sarah Johnson.  Sarah is an Americana singer-songwriter, as well as an artist, with music on all streaming platforms.  She will be sharing both of her talents with us!   Listen here
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